A few decades back the construction business was one of the most slow-moving businesses in the country due to lack of basic heavy machinery needed for construction like fork-lifters and bull-dozers and even cranes. It was the time when only government owned construction companies were there who rented out their machinery on high rates and it was very hard to rent a crane in Pakistan and become successful. Most of the times the cranes hired from the government were sent late and there was unnecessary delay in the construction of big projects. In past two decades, the business of construction has improved a lot and with the help of companies like Autolinksint the private companies have been able to easily rent a crane in Pakistan at affordable rates.

Now most of the construction companies can rent a crane in Pakistan at affordable rates and with much ease. The company named Autolinksint has made the renting and buying of cranes possible, and this facility has helped the construction business grow successfully. The company has a variety of cranes for rent and for sale for its customers to choose from according to their own requirements. The machines that Autolinksint offers for rent are always in perfect running conditions as they are maintained by highly qualified mechanical engineers who make sure that the machinery is in perfect condition is not hazardous for human health in any way. The company has an array of different construction machines that make the work easier and helps get the work done in far less the time that it would take if the work was done manually. The following are the cranes that the company offers for rent, lease and sale.

Kato 100 T Crane NK 1000

It is one of the most used crane when it comes to the building of high structures as it has the capacity to lift and safely drop up to 100 tons of weight like that of concrete slabs and iron sheets and other heavy structures. The crane has two different types of cabins that are used according to its use when it is on the road it uses the truck cabin but when it reaches the construction site it is converted to crane cabin.

Tadano 25 T RT crane

This is the most used type of crane that is mostly used for the construction of small buildings like double or triple story buildings. These cranes can lift to up to 25 tons of weight.

Tadano 35 T RT Crane

Tadano 35 is a very popular crane among the builder community as it is quite a strong crane that does not need extensive maintenance to work properly. The ropes and chains used for picking up of weights are of high quality and there is no chance of their breakage if handled properly.

Tadano 60 T TR600XL

It is a very useful train in the construction of buildings with medium height like 4-5 story buildings.It has the capacity of holding 60 tons of weight in a go.

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