Pakistan still is an underdeveloped country that needs several years of development and speedy progress to match the pace of deferment of other developed countries. The reason for the slow progress of eastern countries including Pakistan is the lack of modern machinery in agriculture, construction and industry. There are many machines that were invented decades ago but have reached our country recently to facilitate our workers. There are many machines that play a significant role in time efficient completion of tasks these heavy machineries include cranes, pavers, rollers and telehandlers.

Autolinksint is a machinery importing company that has been operating in Pakistan for last 14 years, it means that the speed of work in all the sectors where heavy machinery is needed has been improving since 2003.The company has been striving hard to prove the people with superior quality products and services so that they can improve the quality of work and reduce the time it takes to do the same task manually. Autolinksint is the supplier of many machineries to different areas of Pakistan. Among the heavy machinery supplied by autolinksint is a very useful machine known as telehandler.

A heavy machine used to lift weights at high elevation and take them to the other place are known as telescopic handlers. The telehandlers Pakistan are also known as boom lifts, teleporter or telehandler. The telehandlers play a significant role in the construction and industrial sites as well as at agricultural fields. There are different types of attachments that can be attached to telehandlers according to their requirements of the task at hand. If the telehandler is being used at an industrial site you might need to attach a pallet fork to it.It is mostly used to move the heavy things from one place to another from such confined space where the conventional crane fails to work. The other attachments that are used with some specific models of telehandlers Pakistan are: –


  • Fork tines
  • Earth moving bucket
  • Work platform
  • Lifting jib

The compact telehandler

Though there are several different types of telehandlers the best and the latest one in the compact telehandler. The compact telehandlers Pakistan are very popular due to their small size and less weight it is easy to use and has a variety of attachments that can be used according to the requirement. these small sized telehandlers are easy to use in areas where rough terrain fork lifters can access easily. they are easy to transport and can be loaded on a one ton truck. the compact telehandler Pakistan provided by autolinksint in Pakistan are manufactured by JCB telehandlers.

Autolinksint has been providing such well- maintained telehandlers that need less services and provide more service. The telehandlers are very useful in industrial unloading of heavy luggage from the trucks and put them at higher places for storage.

JCB telehandlers 550-140

It is the telehandler Pakistan that is mostly used in the industries of Pakistan. it has the lift capacity of 5.5 tons at full height and has the maximum of 14 meters lift height.

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