The simple cranes with evolution in agricultural industrial and construction fields took too many different shapes, that the heavy machinery manufacturers taking it very seriously started making different types of cranes according to the purposes they were to be used. The telehandlers are mostly y used in confined places where the movements of a big sized cranes or forklifts is not possible. Telehandlers Pakistan can be used in many different industries and save a lot of time, the following are some of the specification that are present in most of the telehandlers Pakistan that are supplied by auto links international Pakistan have the following specification

  • Their weight lifting capacity starts from 4,400 pounds to 12,000 pounds.
  • Most of the telehandlers Pakistan supplied by auto links international Pakistan run on diesel
  • Mostly they have pneumatic tires to work in rough terrain places.
  • 4WD and four-wheel steering
  • They can reach from 18 to 54 feet high.

The telehandlers Pakistan are also known with many other names that include boom lifts, teleporters and telescopic does resemble a forklift but it has a boom that makes it more like a crane. In fact, the telehandlers are quite different form the traditional crane that needs a lot of space to move freely. All types of tele handlers do not require the pulleys and chains that were once used in making of cranes. Today telehandlers supplied by auto links international Pakistan have different type of attachments that are attached to the boom of the crane according to the task that needs to be done. The ever-increasing versatility of an articulating boom can extend upward and forward. These machines are mounted on 4-wheel drive chassis and the telehandler Pakistan is well equipped with a telescopic boom that can provide lifting options of 50 and over feet of height.

Auto links international Pakistan provides all the sectors that need telehandlers with enough variety, most of the telehandlers are fitted with pallet forks for lifting different types of weights with ease. Each telehandler Pakistan has a set of unique attachments according to its model. The most used attachments are: –

  • Earth moving bucket
  • Fork tines
  • Work platform
  • Lifting Gib

In the industrial environment, a telehandler Pakistan is used for easy transit of things to from one place to the another. Sometimes the use of crane is just impractical and time consuming at compared to that of telehandlers supplied by auto links international case of palletized cargo the machine we know as telehandler can pick the luggage right from inside of the trailer to some storage area that is located at a height like the roof top. The compact telehandlers are best for indoor activity. Latest telehandlers have a computer system that monitor the vehicle by using sensors.It warns the driver when the load more than its capacity.

About Compact Telehandlers

Telehandlers, that are known as compact telehandlers are mostly liked by industries because of their ability to work in restricted places. It comes with a variety of attachment. The compact telehandlers can last long if proper care and maintenance is provided.

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