Auto links international has been successfully importing to Pakistan.

Auto links international has been successfully importing to Pakistan.

Pakistan is a developing country and needs a lot of resources to fully develop and meet the international standards in all the aspects of may be agriculture or other industry, it may be education or even the construction of modern building all the chores in Pakistan have mostly been using the conventional ways and it needs to get modernized to meet the pace of the world. The reason for this is the lack of heavy machinery import Pakistan”.

The governments used to import the machinery and then rent out the machinery to builders the high rates of taxes on the import of this machinery made it impossible for an individual builder. In recent years with the involvement of companies like Autolinksint the heavy machinery import Pakistan” has been possible. though there are many other companies striving to bring a revolution in the field of construction and agriculture through heavy machinery import Pakistan. Auto links international has been working dedicatedly day in and day out to prove that it is the most suitable company for heavy machinery import Pakistan. Though all the work that is done in any other part of the world can also be done in Pakistan but in recent part it used to take much longer than same amount of work done in the developed countries. The main reason for this low pace was inadequate machinery to do various jobs that had to be done manually. If a job is done manually it takes longer that the work that is done with the help of heavy machinery. There are several different types of heavy machinery that auto links international has been successfully importing to Pakistan.

These machines include heavy rollers, cranes fork lifters and tele handlers, and even the pavers. The following are some of the main heavy machinery import Pakistan done by the best import company known as autolinksint. Tadano 10 T crane this type of crane is used in small projects like building of homes and other smaller sized buildings. The crane has the capacity of lifting 10 tons of weight. It is much compact in size and so is easy to handle and move around. JCB Tele handler 550-140 It is a heavy machine that has lift capacity of 5.5 tons with 14 m maximum lift height. TCM 6-ton fork lifter a fork lifter is a compact powered machine that is used to lift heavy weights from one place to the other but at short distance. The TCM fork lifter that falls in heavy machinery import Pakistan has the capacity of lifting, up to 6 tons of weight and carry it to a short distance. Dynapac roller Other than cranes and fork lifters the company named autolinksint imports the machines like dynapac road rollers that are very useful in the construction of smooth roads. Dynapac Asphalt paver the dynapac Asphalt paver is a heavy machine that Autolinksint imports from other countries, it is very helpful in laying Asphalt on roads parking areas and bridges.

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